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Jul 30, 2012 9:00pm PDT
in the opening ceremony. but alas, this particular brand of awkwardness for mr. romney and his presidential campaign actually came up again yesterday on the second leg of what has turned out to be mr. romney's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad trip abroad. mr. romney was addressing a group of wealthy campaign donors in israel, and he said to them this. quote, do you realize what health care spending is as a percentage of the gdp in israel? 8%. you spend 8% of gdp on health care. you're a pretty healthy national. we spend 18% of our gdp on health care. 10 percentage points more. so mr. romney in israel praising with an almost childlike sense of wonder the israeli miracle of how they have kept their health costs so low with great health outcomes as a result. do you want to know the secret of how israel keeps health costs so low, while still getting great outcomes? they have a nationalized health system. they have sort of an extra socialized version of romney care, by which i mean obama care. the government in israel forces you to have health insurance. the government heavily regulates the
Jul 14, 2012 3:00am PDT
. romney had to file to run for president, his financial disclosure form. mr. romney retired from bain capital on february 11th, 1999 to head the salt lake organizing dmt. since february of 1999, mr. romney has not had any active role with me bain capital entity or not been involved in the operations of any bain capital entity in any way. you do not have to be a lawyer to know what in any way means. the reason he keeps insisting he left bain capital a few weeks into 1999, he doesn't want to answer for anything bain capital did after that. he does not want to answer for the layoffs and bankruptcy at the company called dynamic details. mr. romney does not want to answer for the layoffs and closing of the steel mill that had to bail out the pension fund. the american pad and paper company or the way modus media and smt corp sent jobs overseas. mr. romney does not want to answer those things that happened at bain capital after he dog gone says he left that doggone company. now mitt romney has a problem, which is two-fold. first fold, reporters have been finding and publishing lots and lots
Jul 18, 2012 1:00am PDT
be coming down the pike any day now. the "new york times" is out with an insider piece about mr. romney's campaign and their vice presidential vetting process. hinting that a likely short list of potential vps has emerged. according to the "new york times," the finalists are tim pa -- sorry, the mild mannered former minnesota governor tim pa-- pa-- tim pawlenty. in addition to governor snoozy, there's george w. bush's budget director, rob portman, and then what the "times" refers to as the two dark horse choices, paul ryan, the guy who became nationally famous when he suggested taking away medicare from old people and giving them coupons instead, and also louisiana governor bobby jindal. yesterday, he joins bobby jindal in louisiana for fund-raisers. the beltway press describing him as buzzed about as one of romney's most visible supporters and as a vp short lister. >> i'm bobby jindal, governor of louisiana. >> according to the washington post, bobby jindal's stock is on the rise. the paper extolling the many conservative virtues that make him a possible vice presidential choice, like
Jul 13, 2012 1:00am PDT
. >> despite trying his best to run to the center, to appear to be a moderate, mr. romney even promised he was to the left of his opponent ted kennedy on the issue of gay rights in that election. despite that herculean ideological stretching, mr. romney lost the race badly to senator kennedy. it was not the culture war issues, the social issues that are credited with having made the difference in that election. the race didn't end up being much about health insurance or even whether or not mitt romney or ted kennedy were liberal or conservatives on abortion rights or gay rights or gun rights or anything like that. observers of the race say mitt romney lost that badly. look at that. he lost by 17 points to ted kennedy in that race more because of this issue. >> mitt romney's ads claim he created jobs, but what's the record? his firm bought a company and moved the headquarters to dallas. his firm bought a company called scm, fired all 350 workers. told some they could reapply at a 25% pay cut. many pregnant or older were denied jobs. and romney made $11 million in two years. mitt romney, he'
Jul 18, 2012 4:00am EDT
presidents released as they campaigned for office. they're putting this out because they think mr. romney has been wrong when he asserted he's following precedent. he released eight years. george w. bush released ten. clinton released 12 years. poppy bush released 14 years. then they added on another guy, the last blue column, that is george romney, who is just a candidate for president. he of course never became president, but he is mitt romney's dad. so what's normal in presidential politics is to release many years of your tax returns. the romney campaign if they cont wanted to could come back and say all those people who became president and my dad released more than five years, sure, that's a precedent. but there's also another precedent, john mccain only released two years. the romney campaign if they wanted to could make that case. john mccain did only release two years of his tax returns when he ran for president. here's the political problem for the romney campaign on talking about john mccain in these terms. a, john mccain lost. b, john mccain was also the guy who had that problem o
Jul 13, 2012 4:00am EDT
, mr. romney man in 2002 for massachusetts governor. he ran against shannon o'brien. and shannon o'brien, no surprise, decided to run by upstating the same attacks that were so devastating against romney eight years earlier in the ted kennedy senate race. instead of the indiana paper mill that ted kennedy used in the ads against mr. romney in 1994, eight years later in 2002, shannon o'brien decided to use the gst steel mill experience against mr. romney. gfc still steel mill was a mill in operation since 1888 before bain got ahold of it. the end was the mill shut down. 750 jobs lost. their pension benefits were cut by hundreds of dollars a month. on the pension thing specifically, the federal government had to pitch in tens of millions of dollars to bail out the workers that bain cut off through a pension guarantee program. but hey, bain made money off it. mitt romney made money off it. shannon o'brien hit mitt romney with that story in 2002. newt gingrich hit mitt romney with that story this year. the whole king of bain thing that newt gingrich deployed against mitt romney. rick p
FOX News
Jul 7, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, you know, it's not too late for mr. romney to state it's now clear how big of a disaster it this was and mr. obama's lawyer convinced the supreme court it was a tax. >> and the wall street journal became news with an editorial. romney's tax confusion and talked about the confusion whether it's a penalty or a tax and you mentioned one person in particular, eric bu burnstrum who works for the romney campaign and the guy who first agreed with president obama and forced romney to walk back and say, no, president obama is wrong, it is a tax. the suggestion is a shake-up is needed within the ro many any administration, is that true? >> i would say it's such a huge missed opportunity. you wonder who is behind this, how could see they that ball over the plate and not hit it? this is a huge tax increase, president obama is positioning the health care reform as something that is soft and cuddly and make you feel better and make everybody, put everybody in a better position, and this shows very clearly that it's going to be expensive and he could have built on that with the fact tha
Jul 29, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. first stop the uk in london. mr. romney witnessed the opening of the summer olympic games. romney oversaw the winter games in 2002 in salt lake city, utah as president and ceo of the salt lake organizing committee. so, he was asked on wednesday whether the olympics in london looked quote unquote ready to him. >> there are a few things that were discontinue certificating the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials that obviously is not something which is encouraging. >> he also met with top british officials including uk prime minister david cameron at 10 downing street, talking middle east peace, among other topics. but the subject of the olympics seemed to prickal the prime minister, who made this statement in a press conference prior to meeting with mr. romney. >> we are holding an olympic games in one of the busiest, most active bustling cities anywhere in the world. and of course it is easier if you hold the olympic games in the middle of nowhere. >> mr. romney at the th cameron london organ
Jul 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
bain did after 1999 should apologize. mr. romney said specifically that president obama should apologize because he, mitt romney, was gone from bain by 1999. >> in february of 1999, i left bain capital. >> i had no involvement with the management of bain capital after february of 1999. >> i had no role whatsoever in the management of bain capital after february of 1999. >> i had no role whatsoever in the management of bain capital after february of 1999. >> i left in february of 1999. >> relinquished on management authority and role in bain capital after february of 1999. >> the truth is that i left any role at bain capital in february of '99. >> i will admit that pt of me was bummed that i didn't get one of these mitt romney interviews who everybody else got one. but on the other hand, i realize all he would have said to me is, i left bain capital in 1999. and i would have said, pardon? and he would have said, i left bain capital in 99. i would say, can i change the subject? he would say, i left in 1999. here is why it matters. the question of bain capital, when mitt romney wa
Jul 28, 2012 7:30pm EDT
the prime minister, who made this statement in a press conference prior to meeting with mr. romney. >> we are holding an olympic games in one of the busiest, most active bustling cities anywhere in the world. and of course it is easier if you hold the olympic games in the middle of nowhere. >> mr. romney at the th cameron london organizing committee. >> question is this trip helping to define the direction of mitt romney's foreign policy when and if he becomes president. pat buchanan? >> yes, it is john. but the crack about salt lake city being the middle of nowhere was almost a religious slur, i think. i thought he almost had an anglo mormon war going on here. but what mitt romney is doing is he has picked three poor american countries, great britain, poland and israel and part of his thesis is obama has neglected them or treated them shall bely in trying to deal with america's enemies rather than america's friends and he is going to be a strong ally of america's friends. but he has a real problem john. i think this trip is a tremendous risk for him. let's take the israeli part of this.
Jul 6, 2012 1:00pm PDT
america working again. >> yes, a tough jobs report has mr. romney break from his vacation for ten minutes. two men, one huge contrast. >> as long as i continue to speak about the economy, i'm going to win. >> that's why i'm running for second term as president. i've got to dimpt idea. i've got a different theory. we begin with four months to go to election day and today's job report suggesting the american economy remains on tenuous ground with 80,000 new jobs added in june and making no dent in the 8.2% unemployment rate and for the president, continuing with his bus tour today from ohio to pennsylvania, it was a test of selling a recovery in progress to undecided voters who were just starting to make up their minds. as we wrapped up his tour before a crowd of 6,500 and came out into the 100 degree heat in pittsburgh, the president sounded nowhere near defeated. >> over .4 million jobs created over the last two and a half years. over 500,000 manufacturing jobs. we've been fighting back, but what we all understand is that we've got so much more to do. >> and while the president cast the l
FOX News
Jul 29, 2012 11:00am EDT
and encouragement. for mr. romney, there is a foreign policy component to this. the former massachusetts governor is burnishing his foreign policy and international affairs credentials, in order to compete with the incumbent president. this is customary for candidates. mr. romney started his morning with a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, amid reports that the white house had had talks with the israeli leaders and suggested contingency plans to go after iran and take out its nuclear weapons capability should they take it much further, if negotiations and talks were unavailable to change the course in tehran. mr. romney was clear in standing with benjamin netanyahu that he will take some cues from israel and is prepared to support the jewish state, should they decide to take military action on their own, in order to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear power. listen. >> with respect with regards to iran and becoming a nuclear nation are ones which i take with great seriousness and look forward to chatting with you about further actions we can take to dissuade iran from their
Jul 10, 2012 1:00pm PDT
state of colorado and swinging as far right as we've heard him. mr. romney railed against that old enemy of the state. liberalism. >> this old style liberalism has got to end and we will end it in november. >> yes, even the presumptive nominee seems to know he's not running as mr. romney. whoever that is. he's running as mr. i'm not the president and in that sense, his attack on the president, well, it felt rather wooden. >> by putting money into energy company, solar and energy companies that make their products outside the united states, if there's an out sourcer in chief, t the president of the united states, not the guy running to replace him. >> one suspects that even he knows that better than to play the outsourcing card or maybe he'll continue with his tour of falsehoods like saying obamacare is bad for jobs or that the president wants to raise taxes on the middle class or that the president goes around the r world apologizing for america. of course, saying it doesn't make it true, but that doesn't stop mr. romney. let's get to our panel. david corn, msnbc political analyst and wa
FOX News
Jul 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
ever look away. >> israel the second of three stops for mr. romney before he's expect today claim the republican nomination. earlier today he visited the western wall with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and demonstrating competence on a world stage and stop in israel potentially cutting into president obama's support among jewish voters. and mr. romney focusing on the right to defend themselves. president obama was never there as president, but was there when he campaigned for the white house in 2008. chief political correspondent carl cameron in jerusalem and carl, mr. romney said he would not be critical of the president on foreign soil. how is it playing out? >> well, he hasn't explicitly criticized the commander-in-chief overseas, but in the statement you just showed there there was implicit criticism that the president is weaker than romney intends to be should he become the president and made the point in 2007 he came to israel and outlined a number of steps he thought would be best suited to help contain iran and control its quest for nuclear weapons. mr. romney suggeste
Jul 20, 2012 1:00am PDT
. they are trying really hard to come up with something to talk about other than mr. romney not releasing his tax returns. they thought this would be over by now, it is not over. but the stuff they want to pivot to just is being served half cooked. this is political stuff when you're talking about a presidential campaign that should not be launched until they've got a better command of the facts. this stuff is not ready for primetime. the fisker attack is a flat-out flailing mistake. they are trying to generate enthusiasm for what the republicans are calling a crony capitalism attack on president obama. now, that is awkward right off the bat because they usually don't like to call him a capitalist, but they are trying to call him a crony capitalist right now and the whole idea of this attack is president obama's bundlers, his top fundraisers, have benefitted politically from being his bundlers. they have had political benefits paid to them as a sort of payback for them bundling fundraise donations for president obama. that's the allegation. this is from the romney campaign's conference call just
Jul 6, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, it was the president who cut short our boredom in ohio by offering a more concise and accurate picture of mr. romney and the republicans' economic plan. >> basic idea is if everybody's just on their own doing what they do, everything's going to turn out just fine. now, it's a theory. but i think it's wrong. i think it's wrong. and the the reason i think it's wrong is we just tried it. >> indeed, we did. but can the president count on jogging voters famously fickle memories and win over those who hold his future in their hands come election day? let's get right to our panel in washington. karen finney, who's now a columnist for the hill as well as msnbc political analyst, richard wolffe and with me here in new york, we're delighted to have msnbc analyst, michael eric dyson. richard, the president made the point there have been 4.4 million new jobs created in 28 mont months. but in the interest of complete transparency, isn't the hidden story here that he has not been able to action job creation because republicans in congress have opposed every single jobs plan every single jobs act that he's put bef
Jul 14, 2012 6:00am EDT
. it appears in plain english in the form mr. romney hado fe run for priden h nancl discsure form . rney retedrom bai capil on febary1th 19 to hd thealtake organizing dmt. since february of 1999, mr. romney has not had any active role with me bain capital eity not bn invved he eratns o a bn capal enty iany way. you do n heo be lyer to kwhatn anyay means. the reason he keeps insisting he left bain capital a few weeks into 1999, he doesn't wanto answ for anying bn cital diafte th. doenotano awe for e yoff aankrtcy at e coany lled damic deils. .omneoes tant to answer for the layoffs and osing of the steelillhat d toail out tensi nd. e amican p andaper compy o the way modu med and smt corp sent jobs overseas. mr. romney does not want to answer those this that happened at bain capalfter he d gonays h lthat doone mpan w mt rneyas a oble ich twfold firsfo, repters he be finding and publishing lots a lots of instances where mitt romney shows up in bain cital documents as being very mu a rt o tha cpanyfter1999 vid cor aosharshl a talkgointemoave en blisng bn cital domentlike thine from after 199
Jul 19, 2012 1:00am PDT
. romney goes out of his way to say over the applause. it is a theme that mr. romney returned to later in the same event. >> the course we're on right now is foreign to us. it changes america. >> president obama, foreign. here's mr. romney today in ohio. >> this idea of criticizing and attacking success, of demonizing those in all walks of life who have been successful, is something which is so foreign to us, we simply can't understand it. >> this appears to be the new stump speech that mr. romney and the romney campaign are unveiling as they're telling the press to expect a new phase in their campaign. they are apparently going to talk about the president as secretly foreign. an adviser for mr. romney told the website buzz feed today they're going to hit president obama for among other things, his admitted teenage drug use. it's conspiracy theories about the president being secretly foreign, which as donald trump and joe arpaio territory, and also the president's behavior as a teenager. you sure you want to go there about the teenage years, mr. romney. you want to tong about your time
Jul 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. so far mr. romney is letting them down. the even more pointed manifestation on the right with mitt romney is a bunch of people telling him to fire his staff. indicating that mr. romney will not fire anybody or accept their resignations. but he may add new senior staff to take over and try to give them something to say about what he has put forth as his central argument about obama. which he still hasn't figured what to say about. it's the worst possible thing for him to run on. he has decided to run on it. i don't think the problem is his staff. it's the candidate trying to run on one thing he did as a public official. the piece of legislation so closely associated with him that he put in his oil portrait to commemorate his governorship. he's trying to be that guy seated there against the thing that is sitting next to him next to his picture of his wife. it is the inescapable, irreversible flaw in his candidacy. and that's even something b-team, c-team republicans knew all along. and were trying to tell us and were trying to tell republican primary voters when they were telling th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,742 (some duplicates have been removed)